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Merry Hair-a-Dog Christmas

pc_xmasYou’re nursing a hangover

You’re eager to open your presents,

You’re eager for others to open the gifts you gave them and

for the love you bade them to fill the room;

The world brightens up for a moment and all the woes

and worries of the year melt away, the big troubles are shrunk

and turned minor and insignificant, the smiles have eclipsed them,

the spirits of joy are tickling you giddy,

reminding you why you do what you do every day,

who’s important, what’s important,

how a moment shared with the ones you love

is a moment lived forever in harmony,

a guiding star for the days and nights ahead.

For those who are with you in body,

For those who are with you in mind and spirit,

across the phone line or inside your memories,

keeping you company,

this is their time, your time together,

a reminder of the bonds that bind you

and keep you charged and vibrant,

you carry them with you throughout the year,

all through a moment shared.

Merry Christmas everyone,

and happy reminiscing of the old times,

and fruitful new beginnings and tidings

worth remembering in the years to come!

— And keep drinking that water to soothe that hangover.

Or have a hair of the dog. Either will do just fine.


From the bays of Pearl Coast,

Fish a ton of oysters, strike a shiny pearl.