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Mel And Meg, Chalk And Cheese, Wine And Tequila

(From the I-Land vaults.)

Why? Because it’s confusing to be me. I am the kind of person who watches the Oscars and is mad at Seth MacFarlane for the callousness he injects to the show, yet welcomes the Rihanna/Brown joke because they totally deserve it.

I am the kind of person that can watch Gran Torino and Love Actually with equal pleasure.

I am the kind of person who enjoys a sophisticated joke on the toxic nature of alcohol over a glass of red wine as much as I enjoy slapstick humor and downing tequila shots.

You see, I have a way of choosing sides and activities, which depends on reason. I like things to make sense, whatever their nature, ranging from the sophisticated to the bare.

I’m not against callous humor. I just hate mindless callous humor.

I’m not averse to cheap sex jokes. I love them. But I despise cheap sex jokes done idiotically. I loathe everything gratuitous and hollow, and adore all things with a bone marrow – anything done in a way that tickles my curiosity, that gives me something to think about – be it complex, simple, clean or crass.

Put simply, if it works, I’m game.

Perhaps now you see how a person like me enjoys both wine and tequila. Indie movies and Hollywood blockbusters. Mel Gibson and Meg Ryan. Liberalism and conservatism. Geopolitics and slapstick comedy. Religion and rebellion. Seth MacFarlane as an Oscars presenter and the glitz and glamour of the Academy Awards, pretentious as the ceremony may be. The spectrum is wide, deep, and begs to be explored.