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Megyn Kelly, Alex Jones Pt. 2 — An Interview That Makes Me Think ‘Keep Watching!’

[Previously on MKAJ: Kudos to Megyn Kelly for her well-crafted, hard-slamming interview of Alex Jones, though I’ll be watching out for more details — anything that plays into a different kind of agenda, which I may have missed, such as Kelly’s clearly opportunistic streak, her shape-shifting qualities, the network she works for — while at the same time watching out for more trash by the maniac himself, AJ, and his newest fan, the DT, and their hateful entourages.]

I’ll be watching out for Billary Clinton, too, an entity known to tell a fib or ten (million), and Bernie Sanders, whose timely idealism masks the fact that his ideas are unsustainable, as unsustainable as the policies he’s fighting against, noble as he sounds on the mic, plus that senile John McCain, and Justin Trudeau with his smiley benevolentism, which may be a lot better than Stephen Harper’s callous idiocy, but still, not quite the miracle it claims to be, and — am I forgetting anyone?

Oh, yes, Theresa May and her shoddy Hard Brexit campaign, and Jeremy Corbyn and his left-field Trumpism, UK Labour style (uck!), and Europe with its unwillingness to reform; Germany’s resistance to fiscal union; Greece’s systemic nepotism and dysfunction; Italy’s forever black economy that no one talks about; and the banking system’s cartel setup; and the finance industry’s dependency on misdirection and lies, on bullying and lowballing, plus their beloved derivatives and other non-products that inflate the markets to bubble status, looking to make quick bucks and who’s your-daddy, get the hell out of there before the entire market collapses, letting others pick up the bill and hit rock bottom, at which time the finance players re-enter the picture to buy everything on a fire-sale (sound familiar?) and do it all over again.

Yep, sounds familiar.

We’re watching out for all these players, eponymous and anonymous. Not just up there in the headlines but down here, among everyone. Among us. We’re watching, taking notes, memos, making records, files. Creating cases against them. Making sure that their attempts to misinform and harm others will harm first and foremost themselves — hurt them enough to make them back off.

Cynical but necessary, my friends. The only way to do business in this era is to waterboard the waterboarders and lie to the liars, cheat the cheaters out of their advantage. Shove them back into the dirt. Push them out of the game.

With pleasure.

You in?

Think about it. We all know an Alex Jones, a Donald Trump, a Megyn Kelly, a Theresa May. Personally, or by proxy. At work, at school, in our social circles, there’s always one, at least. Identify him, her, wherever they are, case them out, and make them accountable for their crap. Clean the swamp from the outside in, one cesspool at a time.

That’s how you drain the motherfucker.

From your delightfully obscene and unremittingly discerning Spin Doctor,

Eyes open, mind sharp.

For Megyn Kelly’s piece on Alex Jones, click here: