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May You Be Playing The Premier No Longer (Though Who Will Step Up Is A Mystery) | A Pearl Coast Special

A great negotiator doesn’t necessarily make a great leader. He or she makes for a great negotiator who ideally works wonders for a great leader.

But this great negotiator got too full of herself, forgetting her strengths, playing the Premier, and here are the results: Theresa May, for a strong and stable Brexit that doesn’t know up from down.

Bottom line is, results always speak loud and clear. There’s no arguing with them, especially not after the facts, not alternative ones but real, raw, observable facts. Watch what is happening and judge for yourselves. The numbers are coming in, and they’re looking increasingly atrocious. The prospects are bleak and the promises empty, all of them based on ideological bluster, false premises. Lousy business prospects. Lousy rhetoric, with no regard for reality, and knowledge be damned. Critics be damned, even when they exhibit solid critical thinking, taking note of the missteps and blunders, the repeated lies and catastrophes. Everyone is watching and taking notes, and the stories begin to circulate, and the need for a change in leadership becomes ever stronger, all before the entire setup collapses because should it collapse, we’ll be addressing the damage after the fact, which, as everyone with a penchant for functionality knows, is a little too late.

As for who will replace this out-of-place and out-of-touch negotiator-cum-prime-minister, I’m not sure. It certainly won’t be Jeremy ‘The Angry Tween’ Corbyn, unless we want to double down on the politics of misplacement and delusion, but it seems fairly obvious that the person currently in charge oughtn’t occupy the position much longer.

If she does, then start making contingency plans, and take out a mighty insurance policy.

You’ll need it.

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