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Martin Scorcese’s New Film And The Interim Agreements That Keep Filmmaking Active

Thank goodness for the so-called interim agreements, which allow some productions to go through, such as Martin Scorcese’s The Hand of Dante.

Not that this is ideal. Interim agreements are subject to variables that shift like the wind, as the negotiations advance and stall.

Scorsese and his associates can probably afford these variables, of course. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to put these deals together and launch projects such as this one.

As for the indie filmmakers, or those who don’t have Scorsese’s clout, let’s just say it’s a torturous task, if not near impossible.

Still, one persists and endures. The industry will survive and go on, one way or the other, riding on the back of those who will carry it when the dust settles and the road is clear again.

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