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Making Britain Great Again (By Shrinking It By Half)

Good morning! This is your Random Truth bulletin with your random fact.

The UK just triggered Article 50, kickstarting its official departure from the EU.

The process is puzzling, with no one really clear on how this is going to pan out, or what the plan is. Is there a vision for post-EU Britain?

Many people have a hard time seeing it, turning to Brexiteers for answers.

Unsurprisingly none are offered. Crucial questions remain unanswered, presenting clear and present problems, some of them blatantly obvious.

For example, how on earth is Britain going to become great again without access to the single market? How is it going to strike a good deal from the weak negotiating position it is in, and how will its economy and living standards improve without the custom of all those who wish to continue doing business with the single market? How will it cope with the massive relocation of transnational firms and organizations out of the UK, and with the tariffs that are likely to be imposed on UK goods, and with the time it will take to strike new bilateral trade deals, and with the fact that it will have to rewrite thousands of laws without full parliamentary scrutiny?

How will Great Britain strengthen its world standing without Scotland?

How will Great Britain persuade Scotland to remain in the UK? What will it tell the Scots? That leaving a strategic and historic union is folly?

Questions, all of them valid, all of them, as of yet, unanswered. Prime minister Theresa May and her Brexit no-deal hardliner entourage are heading into uncharted territory with nothing but bluster in their sails, disregarding the raw data, hoping for goodness knows what. They are cutting the tree branch on which they are sitting, forgetting the laws of gravity. Levitate, they say, fly high. We can do it. No harness, no wings, no safety net should something go wrong, no hard evidence to support their optimism. They have, thus far, presented no plans on how to deal with Brexit, nothing concrete or serious. They are operating on populist rhetoric and wishful thinking, claiming to be able to soar by sheer force of will, dodging all the crucial questions.


Stay tuned.

From RANT HQ, 

Have a nice day!