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Maiden Voyage: The Story Of Gemma Ely (The Hong Kong Review)

I am honored that my novella MAIDEN VOYAGE was included in this wonderful publication (June 2023) by the Hong Kong Review.

It’s the story of Gemma Ely, a young girl in the early 1900s who dreams of a better life. Her family is abusive, her lodgings unfit for habitation and her surroundings hostile to girls like her. She longs to leave it all behind and be part of a grand, more exciting world. And she may yet succeed. In a year’s time, the world’s greatest ship is due to take off from Southampton, where Gemma lives. Her plan is to get aboard that ship and let it carry her across the globe…

This story was first conceived as a piece of flash fiction in 2008, and was expanded and rewritten several times since. I’m very happy Gemma has found a home here, among many wonderful stories from around the world.