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London: Rich In Diversity But Lacking Common Sense

‘It is not too late for Londoners to wake up and evict Sadiq Khan from City Hall next May. Susan Hall, his Tory opponent, says she would scrap the Ulez expansion and tackle gridlock, invest in policing, build high density homes, support nightlife and resist divisive identity politics.’ ~ THE DAILY TELEGRAPH

This, and much more… on a London rich in diversity and openness, but which currently lacks common sense, realism, and patience..

And which displays an unhealthy disrespect toward the institutions that underpin the culture of achievement on which said openness and diversity (parts of them anyway) are pegged.

Perhaps it’s time for a right turn (not a moment too soon) within a progressive field (and only within a progressive field) so that a better course may be found.

PS – The DT article employs occasionally simplistic hyperbole, and it works.