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Like Flies To . . .


‘Adamance is not a metaphor. It’s a structure. A phenomenon. So are plasticity, fluidity, durability, clarity and all kinds of mass arrangements, or lack thereof. So are crap and shit.’ ~ EON

Some things function more often than they fail. They endure for the greater part of their lives, offering what they offer, being of use and value before finally succumbing to the wear and tear of Time.

Others suffer problems throughout their entire lifetimes. They act up, break down, fall apart, take others apart, waste Time, waste energy, demand high maintenance and offer little in return — if anything at all — all the while blaming everything but themselves.

The trick is to separate the two and call them by their respective names. Deal with them as such, so that no Time is wasted figuring things out. Stop walking on eggshells and call things by their name. Call the adamant precious bcause they are — precious! Whatever endures has value in and of itself, oftentimes within a greater dynamic.

Call the plastic ingenious and the fluid incredible. They are! — ingenious and incredible for adapting to the circumstances and finding ways to survive in different form. Adamant they may not be, but they endure in their own way. In fact, theirs is the key to real longevity and influence.

And the confused — poor damn confused — call them confusing, very much so, and the dysfunctional problematic because dysfunction causes problems, plenty of them. Call them out, by their name, so you know who they are and what they look like.

And the broken down and desperate for a fix. Call them out. Make them known to everyone so that you may know what to expect from them. You don’t want to be dealing with them. You want to be dealing only with those who display the right attitude, the kind of approach to see them through to whatever it is they’re headed.

Time to be honest and do this, not just with objects but with people. Call them by their respective names and apply common sense.

Call upon the few remaining statesmen and stateswomen, for example — call upon them to perform their political duties in a stately and grand manner. Enable them to do their job. Give them the mandate they need. If what they say hurts, it doesn’t matter. It’s supposed to hurt. If it doesn’t hurt, it’s too good to be true, just another set of warm lies and deceit.

Call the leaders forth, let them lead and innovate. They will locate the damn pain spots, place them under the spotlight, address the problems, treat them in a way that targets the faults. Let them do it, it’s to your benefit. Hiding behind your fingers, or behind the problems themselves, pretending they’re not there, laying low so as not to exacerbate your stress, and getting hooked on sedatives and distractions, that’s not going to solve anything. Let the specialists and experts do their job, no matter how uncomfortable it may get, and the wannabes can scream all they want.

By the way, don’t get mad at the wannabes. Just flip them the finger. Screw them. If you devote any goodwill on them — try to prove them wrong, or show them the right path — you’re wasting your time. They’re not worth the effort. A mass of grafters and facilitators littering the grounds, is what they are, so call them by their real names and identities: tools, stooges, interference devices, political and business midgets. The dirty pets of special interests. The lobbyists of maladaptive sectors of society. Too many mouths in one chamber. The heights of cacophony. Call them out by their proper names and shame them. They are the representatives of misinformed privilege, confused viewpoints and massive miscommunication. Populists and power trippers using their office to further their small-minded, self-important agendas.

Leave these homunculi behind and turn to the few sages of the world to tend to the battered psyche of intelligent organization. Treatment is what humanity needs — what life on Earth needs, fast. Recalibrate life in ways that let it breathe again. Turn to the sages, the real sages, the ones who don’t claim they’re sages, and let them guide you out of the tough spots, back to solid ground.

As for the rest of the ‘holy’ men and women, the self-proclaimed saviors and redeemers, throw them in the gutter. Call them by their real titles: vermin that have infested the noble idea of faith and devotion to the divine with the aim of promoting their idiotic, self-righteous interests.

It’s also time to call the populations of functional states and cultures at large worthy of their accomplishments. They deserve to be identified and recognized for their achievements.

And the populations of broken and dysfunctional states and cultures at large, it’s time to identify them, too, recognizing their lack of achievements and calling them by their names:

Accountable, for example;

Accomplices to crimes and shortfalls;

Complicit to the broken state of affairs;

Cultures from which powermongers rise to the top;


Players in need of help, or an upgrade, fast;

Fiascos and duds.

In other words, blameworthy.

Time to call the masses out, too, call them out loud, point at them and shame them for their share of blame in the state of affairs that plagues them, whatever their color, creed, or geographical location.

Time to hold everyone accountable for everything they have done, for everything they haven’t done, for every thing they wanted to do and could have done and might have done had things been different, but didn’t.

For everything they promise they’ll do but never get around to doing.

For all the things they trick others into expecting before pulling a fast one on anyone stupid enough to take them seriously. Everything that can be traced back to them, all the stuff they’re responsible for, let it all be accounted back to them. Let them be held responsible for what has resulted from their actions, or lack thereof.

Perhaps this way, one day, intelligent organization will have a better understanding of how tyranny happens, how corruption and malfunction grow, why these processes keep repeating themselves and, more importantly, how to endorse them so that they may attract the small-minded like flies to shit.

That’s right. It’s going to be easier to put a lid on them that way, after they’ve created a foul massive pile of themselves.

Far better than picking them out of thin air one by one.

It’s a trick you learn with Time. Sow some shitholes around the world to catch all the flies, then torch the lot of them and plant trees and flowers on their fertile remains.

A insanely old and simple trick.

I have Time on my side. Humanity, on the other hand — I wouldn’t get too comfortable if I were it. I’d be nervous, watching out for those shitholes.

Intrigued? Watch this space for more.

From the collection of writings EON: THE ANGRY COMING OF AGE