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Let’s Talk About Rape And Smoking

Raping involves inserting something inside another person’s body against his or her will. It often involves being inseminated with semen. Passive smoking against one’s will involves a similar process.

From ancient times, humans found that one of the best ways to punish people was to insert things inside their bodies against their will.

This gave rise to the culture of torture that developed over millennia, spawning numerous techniques of inflicting pain and suffering on people.

The most ancient method of them all was rape. Males found it very effective to insert their penises forcibly in females, ejaculating their sperm inside them.

This practice served two purposes:

First, it subdued an individual by sheer force and humiliation.

Second, it sometimes impregnated women with the seed of the assailant, leading to pregnancy. (Raped males didn’t have that problem, as the sperm inside them was inert. They only had to deal with the pain and humiliation, not a pregnancy.)

This animalistic impulse became known as rape.

Deemed a brutal, criminal act, rape was over time outlawed in most societies.

Now let’s switch topics and move over to smoking.

Smoking involves the inhalation of tobacco into one’s lungs, our of which it is exhaled back into the air.

Tobacco stinks pretty badly.

It’s also harmful to the organism. It’s filled with additives that cause cancer.

Laws have been passed to limit smoking on account of its harmful effect. It’s now illegal to smoke in public spaces, especially enclosed ones, in some countries. Smoke-free public places are growing in number round the world, as the  authorities catch up with the harm smoking causes.

Yet some people choose to violate these laws, lighting up and blowing their smoke around, as if nothing happened.

When they do, they rape non-smokers’ lungs. They taking something from inside their bodies and force it inside someone else’s, just because they feel like it.

They inseminate other people’s lungs with cancer-causing chemicals. They impregnate them with tumors.

So here we are. Talking rape. Not your average fuck-you-and-cum-inside-you rape, but the blow-smoke-and-make-you-breathe-it-in-and-swallow-it kind.

Rape has evolved. Smokers that choose to smoke in smoke-free areas are practicing it without being called out for it. In many places they’re getting away with it.

Venue owners who allow it are enabling it.

Police who turn a blind eye to it are enabling it.

People who say nothing about it are letting themselves to be fucked in the lungs.

Am I exaggerating?

You tell me by answering this question:

If smoking in the presence of non-smokers is not the same as raping other people’s lungs, why don’t smokers light up in the presence of their children? Of their friends’ children?

Why don’t they smoke in the presence of children in general?

I’m guessing it has something to do with preserving the bodies and minds of these innocent creatures, refusing to subject them to something they don’t want to be part of, something harmful to them.

But it’s not a problem when dealing with non-smoker adults. People light up and blow toxins in everyone’s face without guilt or remorse, even when asked not to. They smoke inside non-smoking areas, just because.

They know they’re doing a harmful thing, but they do it anyway.

They violate these rules because it’s not their kids — or people they care for — they’re doing it to.

It’s a premeditated act of aggression, a hostile, intentionally harmful act, the effects of which they’re aware when performing it, trying to get away with, hiding behind their fingers, dressing it up as something social, something meh.

One day they’re going to realize that actions like these are going to get their kids to grow up swallowing by force other people’s stinking cancer semen, which may take root inside their bodies and grow into little growths. A tumor pregnancy, care of the smoke they inhaled against their will, just because the smokers had to spray their shit inside other people’s bodies against their wishes.

It doesn’t sound too good now, does it? — kind of brings everything full circle.

Smokers who smoke in enclosed areas, subjecting others to their discharge, are criminals.

I mean, what’s really happening is that they’re blowing smoke down their own children’s lungs. Down their little nephews’ lungs. Down the throats of everyone they care for.

So stop doing it, I say to them, if you care for them. If not for your adult friends and other innocent people, about whom you don’t give a shit, at least do it for your little loved ones.

Do it for your own good.

You know what happens to rapists, don’t you? Keep doing it, and it won’t end well.

Happy smoking!