When entering the Gorge, leave behind all preconceptions. Let yourself be carried off on a stream of consciousness that tickles the heavens as readily as it grinds down stone.

Let Me Go


In the wake of arrest, my head explodes
into options, images remembered, wishes incubating,
yet to be born. The foreclosure of my dreams and visions
promises a renewal, a provision for the
renegade spirit, the next step;
fleeting are my thoughts and needs, rendered
ghostly by the shock. With sacrilegious vengeance,
contempt, cast to the pits of folly
to be mauled by dogs of frenzy,
by the factionalized breeds,
in the name of life propitious,
in the name of social peace,
synapses sputter, explode with
imagery, a wave of intuition, seeking purpose in the chaos.
I lash at the walls, gnaw the chains.
Weep, says the voice,
So I weep, not for others but for me —
myself, my dream —
I ask my friends 
and blood
and those I loved,
all those who loved me
to weep for me, with me,
I plead with them — can they not see?
I’ve died a painful death,
perished from this coil
yet I never
left my body.
Held in place against my will,
unable to move on, leave it all behind
and look ahead.
Life goes on …
Life goes on only when it ends.
Proximity past its time is not love,
it’s a life sentence
Let us be torn apart
and know inseparability
My time has come.
I am you, and we are all,
weep for me, for you,
for a moment’s sweet release
Pray for me and send me home,
let me rest …
I need a moment’s rest at long last