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Lessons From Wolves (A Yellowstone Revelation)

Good evening! This is your Random Truth bulletin with your random fact.

Today’s headlines:

Wolves! Intelligent creatures. Smart, strong, social, imposing, and able to generate life, in fact, to regenerate an entire ecosystem.

All they had to do was be wolves. The rest followed.

As the accompanying text to the videoclip says: ‘When wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park in the United States after being absent nearly 70 years, the most remarkable “trophic cascade” occurred.’

Unlike humanity, which does the opposite of regenerating life around it, at least in the long term; on a grand scale.

Human development may have turned around inhabitable places like the swamps of Florida and the submerged regions of the Netherlands, but on a grand scale, over the past couple of centuries and counting, it’s been chomping away at Earth’s biodiversity, resources, and overall viability, leaving a trail of waste in its wake.

Humanity! The big jaw with the toxic asshole. The feeding, growing cancer that spreads like a scab on Earth’s surface (deforestation and development)

tainting the atmosphere (carbon emissions and satellites)

tainting the waters (floating garbage islands in the Pacific, the size of Texas)

getting under Earth’s skin (oil drilling, fracking, and, perhaps soon, underground cities and subterranean sanctuaries and warrens to shield humans from the sun’s de-ozoned radiation and from the extreme weather conditions resulting from melting ice caps and rising sea levels).


And the homo sapiens will turn into an underground ignoramus.

So when they say ‘save the planet,’ what they really mean is Save Our Selves. Save our voracious, monkey selves from having to bury said selves six, or, worse yet, hundreds of feet underground to survive.

Save Our Selves.

(From Our Selves.)

This is RANT headquarters,

Have a nice day!

Announcement: Please stay tuned for a rerun of the four-hundred-century-long rock opera When The Apes Ran Amok, featuring Charles Darwin, the AminoAcids, God Almighty, and Lady Luck.