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Killer Tunes


An empirical experiment was conducted in South Australia to find out what attracts great white sharks.

In particular, Matt Waller, a tourist operator operating near and around the Neptune Islands, where he takes tourists to see the great whites, wanted to make the experience for his clients more vivid.

Having researched what sharks respond to, he found out sharks can hear sounds and vibrations ranging from 20 to 1000 hertz. It so happens that AC/DC, the legendary rock band, plays at low frequencies, and Waller, being a huge AC/DC fan, decided to take a leap and play some AC/DC songs in the waters.

Lo and behold, the great whites were attracted to the tunes, especially You Shook Me All Night Long and, ironically, If You Want Blood. They came to the location where the songs were played and rubbed their faces on the cage where the speakers were held, as if to feel the sound, or so Waller claimed in a report posted in the Herald Sun.

It gives the term ‘killer sound bites’ new meaning…

And here’s the AC/DC songs…