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Kevin Richardson, Top Predator Whisperer

This post is a response to A Photographer Armoured His Camera And Sent It Into A Lion’s Den. The Results Were Incredible by Claudia Lemon

Having watched an incredible video on lions in the wild, the footage captured by a remotely-controlled, armored camera [link no longer active] I decided to surf the web, looking for more wild feline stuff.

I came across a video titled Lions – The New Endangered Species? that blew my mind.

In this video, Kevin Richardson, an animal conservationist, introduces us to a few top predators he knows quite well.

Kevin Richardson is a man with an incredible affinity for lions and hyenas

A few words about the man first. Kevin Richardson is a lion- and hyena-whisperer. He gains the animals’ trust and affection, becoming part of the family, so to speak. (For more on his work, visit his website.)

The footage he’s gathered is speaks for itself.

Before hitting the video, here’s a technical tidbit for you video lovers out there: the footage was shot with a GoPro camera, one of the most durable and versatile pieces of equipment around. The model was the new Hero3+.

This video is part of a series produced by the GoPro team, called the Hero3+ Adventure Series.

In other words, this is a little bit of magic for everybody – wildlife and conservation activists, Africa, filmmakers, technology buffs, and animal lovers. It raises public awareness, showcasing an incredible relationship between human and wild beast, the likes of which we rarely see.