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Karim Demirbay Swallows His Sexist Comment

Congratulations Karim Demirbay (and every Karim Demirbay out there).

What a dipshit! Or should we say Retarded? (This has nothing to do with special needs people and the slur they had to endure.) In Karim’s case, the term retarded conveys exactly his brand of person: someone late to the ball, not with the times, and lagging behind. Someone not there yet. Slow on the uptake and unwilling to catch up. Unwilling to progress. Stuck in the past and filled to the brim with dead weight. Slowing others down with his anachronistic, dated attitude. Slowing down everyone’s else’s game. Holding everyone back and frustrating those around him. Retarding the world’s motion, just because.

Karim Demirbay: retard extraordinaire. They should have him cook for the ladies and clean up after them.

Or, as a wise man once said: Now swallow! There you go, Karim! That’s a good boy.

Can’t stomach it? Keep your mouth shut next time. And wash your brain with lice shampoo. Or battery acid.


From your socratic Spin Doctor