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John Arnold Building Science

‘”Science is built like a building,” Arnold says. “One floor on top of the next.” In nutrition, “the whole foundation of the research had been flawed. All these things that we thought we knew — when we step back and look at the evidence base — it’s just not there.”‘ ~ Sam Apple

An excellent read on the flimsy nature of today’s science.

Note: If you’re irate at the way alternative facts are taking hold of today’s workings, as you should be, read this article . . . and remember: the problem of flimsy facts, shoddy research, incomplete scientific claims and poor insight has been around for a while, active during the terms of regressive and progressive administrations alike. It’s a problem more systemic than political, and it won’t be solved until the perpetrators of bad science are made to change their ways.

Branding Trump the harbinger of bad science is a great way to start the process. Make Donald the scapegoat — why not? Anyone who behaves like he does, promoting alternative facts and confusion, mocking disabled people and lying through his teeth in front of the cameras etc deserves to be pinned with the entirety of problems surrounding the field of science at large.

But that’s only the beginning. The process of strengthening the scientific method, steering it toward a forward-looking, investigative direction routinely corroborated by strong data and verifiable-replicable findings, must continue throughout the years, across the board, during all kinds of administrations, no matter the political environment. No resting assured, not even when the ‘progressive’ politicians are in charge. The crisis of research is an ongoing, pervasive problem, demanding our undivided attention. The critically minded can’t afford to drop the ball, not if we want to replenish true scientific inquiry, real knowledge. Bad science has been around for decades, and it will not be halted unless and until we target the questionable ways in which it is funded, promoted, published and disseminated round the world.

Read this article (see link above), and cross-check everything you can, at least if you’re truly devoted to a progressive world.

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