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James O’Brien And The Repentant Brexiter

TC_james o brien

While the word wide web’s attention is fixated on the US election campaign and its insane politics, something very serious is happening to Britain, and it has to do with a massive deception campaign in which the media are involved.

The Brexit fiasco. I mean, this is the real deal. It’s happened already — not ‘it’s going to happen’ or ‘it may happen’ — it’s finished! A done deal as far as the course of the British (English?) future is concerned, and the ones in charge and their pundits are now following through with what seems to be the most ill-advised and self-destructive policy Western Europe has known since WWII.

Capturing the sentiment that goes with this series of catastrophic events is this radio interview, which, soppy as it gets, well, that’s the point, innit. It’s a soppy state of affairs, a sad time for the UK, all of it frightening, all of it self-inflicted.

What a tragedy! Even Greece is applauding.

From your mildly Schadenfreudlic but ultimately alarmed Spin Doctor,

Eyes open, mind sharp.