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James Comey’s Outstanding Testimony Before The Senate Intelligence Committee

This open session is one hell of a treat in terms of choice of words, rate of revelation, calculated exposition, strategy, follow-through, and overall awareness with regards to a complex, convoluted issue. The command displayed by James Comey over his subject matter is outstanding. His affect impressive. The cadence of his voice thespian, with a tinge of familiarity, perhaps a Robert Redford quality to it, maybe some other actor I can’t quite place. The economy and clarity of the responses, all of them engrossing, paints a smart picture, as does the manner in which Comey interprets the questions directed at him — the line of questioning and where it might lead, the impressions he may or may not leave should he choose not to answer a specific question, the impressions he leaves when hesitating to answer and the ability to explain all of the above using side-commentary that colors his responses the way he intends to.

This is a master class in critical thinking, a kick-ass performance. A breath of badly needed fresh air. A silver lining in a very bleak sky.

It’s been long overdue. Out of all the narratives the Trump administration has given rise to, most of which have been outright shitty and brainless, and there have been too many of those, this here chapter stands out as a narrative of outstanding quality.

Watch and enjoy, if nothing else, for the sheer ingenuity with which the story is delivered by former FBI director James Comey.

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