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In The Immortal Words Of… Three Hookers And A Philly Cheesesteak

The weekly(-ish) series on famous and not-so-famous and should-darn-well-be-famous quotes continues with the words of a rum-soaked degenerate…

In the previous article of the series I mentioned a quote from Homer’s Iliad about the terrible aspects of beauty.

This week I’m returning to present times, using two quotes from a very dubious modern character.

The first one is his reply to the question:

You have five grand in your sweatpants?

I prefer to think of it as “three hookers and a Philly cheesesteak.”

Bearing in mind that a Philly cheesesteak costs anything between $7 to $50 (the latter if you’re ordering room service at the Chateaux) well, do the math and figure out the location for yourselves. Where do hookers cost $1500 a pop? Where could the Chateaux be, charging fifty bucks for a meat sandwich?

Quote number two is also a reply to a question of sorts. First the question

End of an era, eh (*name of character*)…? 

And his reply:

Yep. From now on, no brother, no nephew. Just the sounds of the ocean punctuated by the soft voices of prostitutes lying about the enormity of my sexual organ.

Score! — or, like a philosopher once said: WTF?!

It doesn’t end there. The person asking the question goes:

You do know how to paint a picture.

And the degenerate’s comeback:

What can I say, I have the heart of a poet.

And the other’s closing statement:

Unfortunately the rest of you is a drunken scumbag.

He sure is. A drunken scumbag with the tendency to speak things as they are, without dressing them up, offending everyone around him.

Sadly we have hundreds, maybe thousands of people like him within a ten-mile radius at any given location.

I wish we had millions.

Check the next ITIWO post for the answer to this one’s quote.