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In The Immortal Words Of… Penis-Schmenis

I’ve been thinking about history lately, and about culture. I’ve been thinking about movies, TV, literature, politics, and a number of platforms on which some of our great gems were put on display. Light, serious, dark, dry, funny, cringe-worthy, uplifting, loony, you name it, it’s been articulated.

With this in mind, I’d like to launch a weekly(-ish) series on famous and not-so-famous and should-darn-well-be-famous quotes.


Because some of these gems are too good not to be part of everyday discourse.

Plus they’re great to drop here and there, especially at parties and social gatherings. Just throw one out in the midst of a beer-guzzling wine-soaked crowd and see what happens.

Ready? Let’s do this.

In the immortal words of a social clutz:

Alright, look… penis-schmenis, ok? We’re all people!

Any idea who said it?

Check the next ITIWO post for the answer to this one’s quote.