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In The Immortal Words Of… Overbearing Aromas

The weekly(-ish) series on famous and not-so-famous and should-darn-well-be-famous quotes continues with the words of a gin-sipping vertebrate…

In the previous article of the series I mentioned a quote from Two and a Half Men about the merits of alcohol-soaked bachelorhood.

This week I’m following it up with a quote you can use pretty much everywhere. It goes like this:

Overbearing aromas of pretentious rubbish.

Just toss it out there whenever people are harping on about something that says more about them than about the thing they’re talking about, and you’ll be fine. You’ll piss the hell out of everyone so fast, it should be illegal.

Might as well, if they’re ruining your day with their pretentious rubbish.

Check the next ITIWO post for the answer to this one’s quote.