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In The Immortal Words Of… Beauty!

The weekly(-ish) series on famous and not-so-famous and should-darn-well-be-famous quotes continues with a dramatic truism…

In the previous article of the series I mentioned two of the many (and invariably astute) statements made by Sam, or Her, in the movie Her, by Spike Jonze.

This week I’m condensing everything down to one quote.

A more serious, more dramatic, shorter and more classic quote.

Beauty, terrible beauty!

A savagely memorable statement. These three words encapsulate one of the most enduring stories of the world, plus one of the most enduring impulses of humankind, through which our history and culture were formed.

Look back in time for its origin — and repeat it to yourself when something is indeed too good to be true and free of trouble, or when you need to defend what has captivated your heart and soul – be it person, place, object, or idea – from the perils that accompany it.