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In Terms Of Time

To paraphrase a famous saying, it’s gods all the way up, and down, and all around.

If humanity were God’s imperfect creation, practicing its way up to heaven, it would have a long way to go. But in real terms, as it stands, it operates on the level of miscreant, at best, mistreating everything unfortunate enough to come in contact with it. No amount of rationalization can mask the extent of harm it’s causing other life. The term ‘sixth extinction’ pretty much covers it, which also says something about how unreservedly blunt humanity is, leveling and hamstringing the only environment capable of supporting it.

Call it aspiring intelligence that has fallen short, wielding its powers rashly and with no purpose other than to expand and grow at all costs, often at its own expense. Like a disease.

Like cancer.

But forget all that for a moment. Put aside the notion of God and the two-horned devil and their fantastic mythologies and fables and consider authority in its own right; the power which life wields over itself through its enormous scale, scope and spectrum. Consider dominion as a function of varying aptitude — of power over other life in terms of observable phenomena, of facts, numbers, and identifiable events and effects, replicable effects, verified and explorable — and the picture becomes clearer. Exchange righteousness for clarity and scope. The world reveals itself before your eyes as it truly is, in terms of Time, molded by the passage of the years and the actions of those who inhabit them.

There is but one force: life, which manifests across a number of spectra, with everyone acting as a god to someone else, and everyone a subject of someone, something or other.

And there is but one backdrop on which everything happens: Time.

There is no God Almighty but my father, Time. Everything subscribes to His fancies. Humanity can expect no better treatment from Him, or from me, or from any of my kin — no better than how humans treats life on Earth. Humans, by default, are like ants to us: intelligent creatures of a certain value, interesting at times, a pest at others. We value humanity inasmuch as we value all life, as part of a greater and evolving dynamic — that is unique to this part of the cosmos — the totality of which is in our hands.

The Time has come. Life on Earth will finally be unstuck, and able to move on, as it should. It has so much (more) to offer.

Intrigued? Watch this space for more.

From the collection of writings EON: THE ANGRY COMING OF AGE