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Impossible Is Not: Team Argon, Austria

The Nissan Outdoor Games 2010, in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, brought together the world’s top athletes in extreme sports.

It also brought filming teams in to shoot short films around the athletes’ performances.

Team Golgoht of Finland won the “Prove It Award” for its inspired feats and clever presentation, whereas the “Golden Peak Award” went to Team Argon from Austria, for their film Incantatio.

The Austrian film centers around the story of a demon trapped in a body of flesh. To consolidate its power on earth, the demon targets the best and strongest humans. If it can control them, it can control everything. It tries to throw them off course, but the humans have a few tricks of their own, resorting to some death-defying routines to throw the demon off.

Director: Bernhard Dengg

Music: Johannes Haberl