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Ignore The Nutjobs At Our Peril


Wow! Observe the loony left explain in passionate detail how and why the loony ‘right’ will win.

Make of this video and its content what you will. Personally, I don’t know what the hell to make of it, other than to say, it raises some interesting questions and issues at large, corroborating the instinct I’ve had all along: that the defeat of Trump will not be the end of the problem. It will be just the beginning. Getting rid of Trump and his disgusting rhetoric is an imperative, but doing so without fixing the problem, without addressing the symptoms that put him there, the malfunctions and abuses that raised him to the heights he’s enjoyed for most of his campaign — getting rid of Trump without addressing any of the underlying issues is going to be a hollow victory.

Michael Moore doesn’t agree. He thinks Trump will win, and he may be right. Trump may actually pull a Brexit and win this thing.

The reason is plain and simple. People are hurting. They have no trust in the system as it stands. It hasn’t treated them well, and is not changing tack. Look around, there’s good reason for the cynicism. The banks, for example. They’re bigger than pre-2008 levels even after all the promises to rein them in.

The national debt? Growing steadily, and both parties are to blame. It started with the republicans and their gargantuan expansion involving Homeland Security and the TFA, not to mention the wars and occupations overseas, and it continued with Obama and his borrow-to-grow policies. Both parties have their hands in the nation’s pantry, scraping it empty.

To add even more injury to this picture, Wall Street is getting stronger, more corrupt, rigging the game against small businesses around the nation. It’s the free market, they say, only it ain’t free when the game is designed to benefit the big players. The conglomerates can afford legal and accounting crack teams that find and use the tax loopholes, and so the big players loophole their way into an advantage the average American can’t access, and small businesses fall prey to the advancing corporate machine, and the middle class dwindles — let’s not even mention the poor — and the vast majority of Americans lose faith in business as usual.

Watch this space for Part 2