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Hurricanes Deserve A Bad Name

An unlikely weather title? Or an apt political statement? (image source: The Climate Name Change video)

Everyone knows that climate change is one of the major challenges, if not crises, of our time. Well, not everyone does. Some people think it’s all nonsense, blowing the trumpet of resistance and stating publicly that we should go about our affairs as usual.

The producers of the following video clip have a great idea of how to address this madness. They propose a new hurricane-naming system that will point out those who stand against policies that address climate change.

People of the earth, watch out for…

Coming soon to a city near you!

(DISCLAIMER: This clip may cause bouts of rage, hate speech, extreme lobbying by paranoid power brokers, outbreaks of skin rash to the sound of the words “Al Gore,” choking caused by Inconvenient Truths, a nude drunk Congressman streaking through your city in protest of having been stripped of his right to shut people up, demonstrations by the descendants of the Holy Inquisition, manifestations of Galileo’s ghost chanting “Truth Rules,” shameless glee from people across the world, whose own culprit politicians have not been assigned a hurricane yet, and who blame America for everything, including things they do (yes, there’s a zing within the zing, that’s how we roll!). It may also cause uncontrollable LOLs, severe skin crawling, and extreme weather conditions brought to you by the subjects of Convenience, Economy, and the Lord Almighty whose appeasement they seek by going against His (Hers? Its? Our?) very nature.)