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How To Offend The Earth’s Entire Population In Seven Short Paragraphs

It is said that when taken to the extreme, something becomes exactly what it opposes, often defeating its own purpose.

History has great examples to illustrate this, my favorite of which being the French revolution. In its effort to get rid of despotism, this legendary uprising led to the formation of a democratic republic that became as ruthless and despotic as the despots it had deposed.

Socialism is another great example. In the name of people and equality, the regimes created to forge a better world ended up handling people and money in ways more callous than the capitalist or monarchic regimes they had overthrown.

And capitalism, of course, a system which, in the name of innovation and progress, has gradually syphoned the world’s wealth into the hands of a limited number of organizations.

And feminism, in whose name women cry for equality but strive for power and domination, the proof of which is the immature rage with which statements like this are met.

Christianity and Islam are also high up on the list, reacting in similar ways to feminism, because their purpose was pretty much the same: free people from the shackles of a repressive, unfair world, promising deliverance, a future, and something to live for, ending up becoming power structures based on holier-than-thou agendas.

Let’s not forget science, which in the name of knowledge and awareness has managed to neglect anything that does not befit its reductionist paradigms, leading to the rise of a very dry and mechanic way of life.


And there you have it. In seven short paragraphs I have rubbed seven billion people the wrong way. The French revolution offered me a few hundred thousand indignant aficionados to begin with, maybe a few million tops, but then I moved on to socialism, which probably includes anywhere between 30-50% of the global population. Add to that the admirers of capitalism, who probably amount to hundreds of millions of entrepreneurs, plus as many aspiring dreamers, then throw in almost all the world’s women and mix them with a dose of 2 billion Christians and 1.3 billion Muslims, then shake them with the world’s scientists and atheists, who make up the rest of the world, and presto, you have a slap across the face of seven billion people.

The good part is that the criticism is valid.

Which is all the more infuriating to them.

Not to mention the fact that putting them all in the same pot is even more infuriating to them.

Which says a lot about how they regard each other, to each their own. Call it a litmus test on carefully hidden prejudices, which people put great effort in concealing.

I’ll let you think about that one for a moment.

Now to find those few individuals on this idiotic planet of ours who happen to agree with me. Who happen to voice their thoughts in public rather than take them all the way with them to the grave.

My fucking people.

Where the hell are you, you bastards?

Probably dodging bullets and stones.

From your deliciously irreverent Spin Doctor,

Eyes open, mind sharp.