Base Camp is where visitors go to relax, unwind, and get familiar with an anthology of earlier material.

How The Pieces Fall

For life to exist, there has to be a great heave and roar

Like a great poet once said, I’s just placing the content in a bigger container I call context, ‘ss all, because thass how I roll. Thass how the pieces fall — they sway and billow and scatter and fall where they may, y’all. From the big bang to the big nag to the great, endless fall from grace, we’re in this together, on the right track, settling the right score, leaving the past behind and rising to the challenge, coming to the proverbial fore, all the while doing our chores and minding our business because — here’s the trick — you got your own mind and I got mine, and we got different stories to tell and various ways of telling them, and thass a good thing, we cool like that, we talk and brawl and wrestle our way through the world using our respective lore, rambling away, seeking more out of less, diving into the great yarn of myth with no hint or clue as to whass in store for us, seeking out our dreams and a life less ordinary, a life more explored, and the echoes bring back tale tall and dark and eternally shifting, forever morphing into new form, forever crawling with meaning and bursting, bursting with floods of energy and potential until some of them become true, despite the odds, to the benefit of the future, to the benefit of us all.