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How Not To Murder God

Good Friday is the day when God died. To prevent this from happening again, let’s read between the lines.

This post is a response to ‘There’s A Monster Hiding In Your Closet. If You Care About Your Kids, You Better Believe Its Real.’ by Afshin Rohani

While a third of the planet currently observes the murder of God — ‘the most wrongful death ever committed’ — let’s take the opportunity to focus on wrongful deaths in more real, practical ways.

There’s a potent symbolism in the Good Friday story. It represents humanity’s unwillingness to think things through before acting, a phenomenon that leads to tragedy and suffering.

It’s a powerful cautionary tale. Let’s take heed, reminding ourselves how to improve on things in ways that matter in the here and now. That’s what religion is about, isn’t it? Improving on life in ways that matter; not just dancing blindly to the beat of songs and stories written thousands of years ago, as if we’re in an elaborate, multi-billion dollar stage production, but actually changing things, starting with our immediate surroundings.


To the matter at hand. Guns! Too many children die untimely and tragic deaths in their homes because of guns laying around, because of poor or no education on how to handle firearms.

What! some people cry. You’re missing the point! The only way to deal with gun tragedies is to outlaw guns altogether.

I don’t agree. I’m a gun advocate. I think citizens should have the right to bear arms.

Furthermore, outlawing guns isn’t something that can happen overnight. It would take years of campaigning and legislation, never mind the time and effort it would take to implement it.

Which means that it’s a moot point, at least as far as today is concerned. Today, as things stand, many children are at risk from guns laying around in their homes.

I want to bring the issue to the attention of anyone who owns a gun, urging him or her to take heed from what this day represents. Remember what happened then, if you’re pious, so that it doesn’t happen again. Remember your Lord and savior Who died on the cross by your hand, and do something to prevent today’s Gods, children (what are children if not Gods? In their name we move mountains and sacrifice ourselves; in their fearless, full-of-wonder eyes everything is possible, and the world is putty in their hands) yes, children are today’s Gods, and today’s a good day to make sure that these Gods don’t die by your hand.

If you’re not pious, skip the last part and keep in mind how easy it is for a bullet to crush a skull.

So secure your firearm and any deadly weapon you possess, be it your mouth, your mind, your vices and weaknesses — secure them tight so that your children may not lay their hands on them. As simple as that.