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How Many Titanics

Good morning! This is your Random Truth (RANT) bulletin with your random fact.

Reminder: continuing to rearrange the chairs on the Titanic and pretending that the ship is not sinking and that the messengers are not there is not going to change anything. Neither is liking the positive news of how this and that chair are more comfy and more streamlined that the previous one, unless those buggers can float.

Just saying.

Don’t worry though. A happy article on a movie or a trinket will follow, so that people will be happy.

Or, like the fireBrand Russell told Jonathan Ross, let’s talk about happy stuff and cheer everyone up.

Actually Brand used the word ‘stupid,’ not ‘happy.’

‘Let’s talk about happy stuff and cheer everyone up.’

There’s not much difference between happy and stupid, not when one pretends not to hear the bad news because it harshes the mellow and spoils the mood. Because it negatives the positive.

You have to acknowledge and act on that kind of news. Not doing so holds everyone back.

Just saying.

Now let’s consider what readers will take this reminder to mean. What they may think it points to.

With so many Titanics floating around the world, it’s easy for a reader to take it personally. Cyprus, Greece, Italy, the EU, the UK, the USA, Russia, Ukraine . . . big finance, big banks, socialist states, pension schemes, the global economy . . . climate change, the Caribbean Sea, the Amazon rainforest, the environment in general . . . it could be any one of these.

Which goes to show how many Titanics are floating around, full of people rearranging their chairs, pretending they’re doing the right thing, hoping it’s all a dream.

It’s not a dream. It’s a way to separate the driftwood from the lead tubes.

If you feel this reminder is directed at you, don’t blame the messenger. Or the message.

Blame yourself and the situation you’re in.

And if you really have it in for the messenger, don’t worry, he, too, is aboard his own Titanic, battling for his way of life. Only he’s not rearranging chairs. He’s holding a gun, aiming it at those who spend their time rearranging chairs, or generally wasting precious resources, getting in the way. He’s aiming that gun around so that the rest will drop the games, get on the lifeboats and, together, make sail for the shores, where they can build a new ship to sail the unknown with. 

Survival is a doozy.


From RANT headquarters,

Have a nice day!