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Hillary’s Failure According to Bill (No, The Other Bill)

‘At what point do you take responsibility? . . . You blew it!’

Infuriating? Yes.

True? Yes.

You blew it!

Note: ‘You’ refers to more than just Hillary Clinton.

Food for thought, if we wanna unblow what we blew and unfuck what we screwed up.

BTW – Notice the term ‘we.’ This article and its author recognize the abject failure among progressive circles to defeat the forces of fear. The abject and astounding failure of an open society to finish ahead in the race. The abject and astounding failure of a mindful world to mind the changes and change its mind when the time came to choose a champion worthy enough to defeat the forces of protectionism and hatred.

The abject and astounding failure of those involved in informed decision-making and critical thinking at large to stay informed and critical.

The abject and astounding failure on behalf of people devoted to facts, logic, common sense and respect for knowledge, a world based on research, insight and a progressive outlook to rise to the occasion, read the signs on the wall and act according to the facts.

The irony is so thick, it’s not even funny. What we did was a betrayal of the very principles we supposedly represented. The facts were loud and clear, even when at their most hazy and convoluted, they were making their case with unmistakable rage, pointing toward a mass disillusionment of the general population with the powers that be, a massive turn of people from all walks of life toward demagoguery, bluster, populism, jingoism, fear, loathing, and unfettered rage.

We pretended it wasn’t happening, pushing for business as usual.

And now look what happened.

We blew it.

Well, high time we unblew it, isn’t it, starting with our share of responsibility. Let’s own up to it, to each our own, acknowledging how we all pretended not to see what was in plain sight, too close and uncomfortable to admit — not that it’s an excuse, the discomfort it caused. We saw it and failed to acknowledge it and believed what we wanted to believe, getting shocked at the outcome — we blew it!

It’s time we admitted our fault, took responsibility for our error, and made our move.

It’s time we leaned on the idiots who made our world worse, starting not with the ones in office but with the ones in our midst. To successfully take on the powers that be we must first make sure our side is strong, our circle solid, meaning we have to take on (and down) the ones among us who refuse to take responsibility for their blunders. All those who still believe they did nothing wrong — the vain, the idiots, the disappointing and unreliable, the backstabbers and unhinged and all the morons in our midst who think they did everything right, that it’s the world who’s done wrong by them. We blew it, but they keep blowing it over and over again.

Let’s take out that lot before making our next move.

From a gusty Pearl Coast,

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