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Hell Or High Water’s Wisdom On Cultural Inheritance

Marcus Hamilton: Just relax. Enjoy this little town.

Alberto Parker: Do you wanna live here? Got an old hardware store that charges twice what home depot does. One restaurant with a rattlesnake for a waitress. I mean, how’s anybody supposed to make a living here?

Marcus Hamilton: People have made a living here for 150 years.

Alberto Parker: Well, people lived in caves for 150,000 years. But they don’t do it no more.

Marcus Hamilton: Ah well maybe your people did.

Alberto Parker: Your people did, too. A long time ago your ancestors was the indians, till someone came along and killed them, broke ’em down, made you into one of them. 150 years ago all this was my ancestors’ land. Everything you could see. Everything you saw yesterday. Till the grandparents of these folks took it. And now it’s been taken from them. Except it ain’t no army doin’ it. It’s those sons of bitches right there. (points at Texas Midlands Bank)


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