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Good News For Achievers

In one part of my world there’s a relentless push for working less hours, dodging responsibility, having coffee before doing business, and spending a lot of time complaining about why things aren’t working.

In another part of my world I come across notices announcing that people have decided to work weekends so that they may finish the work they took on.

Both places have a future. One of them is bright, the other is stuck in the shadow.

Let’s put it this way. Loafers have no long-term future. They either develop an ethic over time, transforming themselves to individuals of action, doing what it takes to make things happen i.e. change into non-loafers, or perish. Whatever the case, they disappear, making way for achievement.

Good news for achievers. The future is bright for those with the capacity to not only dream but also act on their dreams. The way ahead is difficult and wrought with challenges, but it pays off, if not for them, then for those like them.

As for the loafers, who cares? No one remembers those who spent their lives putting excuses and self-delusion above determination, at the expense of other people’s efforts. Their actions don’t even register on the map. Loafers are by default lazy. They don’t matter. They’re just there to remind others what not to be like, encouraging them to stay active.