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Going Rogue, Staying True

pc_luna-2Something great happened in Rogue One. Diego Luna kept his thick Mexican accent for his character Cassian Andor, and it had a positive impact on at least two viewers, one of whom wrote about it on social media, making a strong case for the positive effect of ethnic and cultural diversity in films.

Delivered on a basis of common sense, with arguments depicting in a sober manner how diversity can be a creative and inspiring force in the world, the position matters. It makes sense and resonates. No ‘we deserve, we expect, we demand!’ No ‘hire XYZ now, de-whitewash the film industry right away because you’re a bigot if you don’t,’ no such pedantry. Just a short, simple, winning argument on the power of movies and their ability to inspire people, and how to use them to inspire even more people than ever before.

This is the kind of argument that has my attention, not because of its political colors but because of its strong thesis, its clear and substantiated message.

An excellent argument.

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