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Global Snapshots: Hebrides, Scotland

Off the west shores of Scotland lie an archipelago of islands called the Hebrides. Populated since ancient times, these isles have played host to a numbers of cultures, ranging from the Celts and Picts, to the Norse, the Scots and the English. They’re a naturalist’s paradise, grafted and molded over time into one the most picturesque locations on earth.

National Geographic‘s Jim Richardson went there to take some pictures and reveal the raw and uncompromising beauty of the place.

For his full picture archive, click here.

And one bit of Hebrides trivia: the island of Jura is where George Orwell lived in 1948 when he wrote his masterpiece, 1984.

Bassalt pinnacles on Skye’s Trotternish Peninsula
The Callanish Stones, an ancient ritual center predating the pyramids
Fingal’s Cave, lit within by the photographer
The Hebrides are home to numerous and populous seabird colonies
Freshwater sluicing toward the sea, on Grimersta