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Frontrunners v Laggards (The Knowledge We Lack)

‘Progress is the ability to act, react and expand on our knowledge and insights as defined by the data obtained via an array of valid studies and experiences. The process needs to be based on evidence entirely observable, verifiable, replicable and open to investigation.’ ~ RANT OPERATIVE

Good morning! This is your Random Truth (RANT) bulletin with your random food for thought.

Today’s RANT focuses on the hard realities of technological progress, and specifically the difference between those who can and those who try — those who will and those who don’t.

Here are three points to help trace out the argument:

1) The distance between the frontrunners and the laggards.

Technology frontrunners and laggards are separated by a universe of knowledge, one which is formative to future progress, or indeed present development. This technological divide defines today’s interdependent world via shared, interrelated mechanisms, affecting how said progress is utilized in overall terms.

Let’s call this the Objective & All-around Standpoint, or ObAS.

2) Stragglers always create a drag.

Like it or not, those who can’t keep up in a team effort are a liability, slowing things down, impeding progress. Lagging and dragging are the reason why the frontrunners often choose to cut off the stragglers and move on without them.

Let’s call this the Offensive & Affirmative Standpoint, or OfAS.

3) Stragglers are averse to being left behind, reacting in a number of ways, some of which are drastic.

Should stragglers and laggards fail to take off and catch up with the program, their reaction is one of sabotage, intentional or unconscious. They do everything in their power to halt the progress of the entire group, bringing everyone down to their level — a defense mechanism that will guarantee their safety, their not getting left too far behind.

Let’s call this the Retarding & Inhibitory Standpoint, or ReIS.

Now, having presented the above three points, here’s my question:

Where in this formula do you stand? Where does your profession, nation, religion or lifestyle stand:

ObAS . . .

OfAS . . .

ReIS . . .


More importantly, where do you and the setups you belong to stand regarding the progress of intelligent life?

Whatever your intentions and dreams, how do the actions of what you represent contribute to an informed, maturing, advancing way of life?

The question is not rhetorical.

Please elaborate if you wish.

Or watch this video:

A haunting presentation of the world, and yet so true.

From the RANT headquarters,

Have a nice day!

PS – Sometimes the knowledge we lack is not high-tech. There are a great deal of valuable things in nature and tradition, which we lose as we apply our monolithic paradigms.

So when examining your position, also consider the ancient knowledge and technology you may be lacking, or frustrating. Consider whether you are impeding progress by trashing insight that could prove useful to the advancement of life at large, insight lost with the advent of modern society’s high technology.

Consider everything before you answer.

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