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From Extreme To Extreme – Part 2

[Previously on From Extreme To Extreme: Business as usual is what got us in this mess in the first place.]

Fake noblesse and phoney moral high ground is a bane, giving with one hand while taking with an army of others: hired muscle, collection agencies, union fees, sweeping taxes, you name it, they’re as exacting as the morons that occupy the White House today. Don’t be fooled by their silver-tongued manifestos. Like ribbons and confetti, they’re smoke and mirrors, nothing more, a smokescreen behind which the politics of extraction continue unabated.

Business as usual is what got us here, and the fault lies on both sides. The conservatives scream bloody murder whenever opposed, bringing to mind Emerson’s brilliant aphorism, ‘Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake of dreaming that I am persecuted whenever I am contradicted.’ They are. Dreaming they are persecuted whenever someone calls the questionable aspects of their worldview into question. They cry wolf at the drop of a hat and blame it, whatever it is, on the immigrant-atheist-liberal beaver.

Ditto for the liberals of today. They look and sound better than their conservative counterparts, acting in accord with the times, raising today’s issues and making tomorrow’s arguments, but whenever they fall astray of common sense — and trust me, they do, because no creed is infallible and beyond criticism, including liberalism — they turn vulgar, too. They scream bloody murder, see persecutors everywhere, branding all those who disagree with them enemies, calling them names before hearing them out. At the mere sound of the wrong word, boom! Quick to draw, shoot, execute, move on, just like that.

Speaking of drawing, shooting and executing, these liberals, noble-sounding as they are, oppose gun ownership and the Second Amendment (and rightfully so, to a degree, but only to a degree) while exercising — get a load of this! — a foreign policy that is founded on unrestrained gun-toting.

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Watch this space for Part 3