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Fresh Veterans

The Legend grows. History is made. People are inspired. The game goes on and the champions stay in contention, eyeing more trophies, better personal records. Rivalries and competitions we can relate to, bringing out the best in us.

Better than any dogma that pits family against family in the name of abstract decree. Better than killing each other over our Gods, arguing who is more peaceful and righteous. Whose country is greatest. Whose skin is more divine-looking. Whose word is final and beyond criticism. Nothing is final save the performance ones gives on the field, earning the status one cherishes. History made by way of achievement, legacy, ingenuity, perseverance, grit, respect. It’s all about respect and achievement, putting your mouth where your money is and making whatever you say count, backing it up with results. Fighting over life-affirming trophies, allowing the competition to inspire humanity rather than gnaw at it. History made in ways that make life better, giving young people something to aspire to, something exemplary and exceptional in all the right ways.

Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal. Champions for life. Thank you for the inspiration. You are a breath of fresh air, veterans as you may be, in these times of cultural and political turmoil. We look at you and everything the sport of tennis represents, reminding ourselves that there are indeed ways to battle it out without laying the world to waste.

If only we let the best of us rise to the top, leaving the questionable and corrupt among us behind.

From the bays of Pearl Coast,

Fish a ton of oysters, strike a shiny pearl.

PS – Go Federer!