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Fresh Milk Requires Constant Milking

The dairy industry provides us with some great delicacies but, upon closer look, it isn’t the cupcake it pretends to be.

Milk! Got it? Say yes if you do and, if you don’t, well, you’re in the tiniest of minorities, whose opinion is irrelevant. So buy-buy.

Cheeky little monkey today, aren’t we? Yes, we are, and it’s all about the world-famous mammary juice: so wholesome and natural, it’s practically synonymous with nutrition. And not only.

Good afternoon! This is your Random Truth (RANT) bulletin with your random food for thought.

Today’s topic: More milk!

Milk is life’s elixir, our very own magic potion. We grow amazing things with it, like little human beings, who grow up to become fully- edged human beings. We use it to whip up foods and delicacies, like cake and ice cream, cappuccinos and cheese. And chocolate. Who doesn’t love chocolate?

Bottom line,

Milk Is Awesome!

Having established the tremendous popularity of dairy products, let’s consider their source. Have you ever pondered on where milk comes from? How we produce it? What its mass production entails?

Oops, someone’s about to spoil the party!

For a mammal to produce milk, it has to be gestating. For a mammal to be gestating, it has to be inseminated. For a mammal to be inseminated, it has to have loads of sperm inserted in its vagina and womb.

Let’s put the statement in context — in industrial context. Please take a moment between this and the next sentence to get your head around where this is going. If you have a weak stomach, bail out now.

The ugly lowdown: in an industrialized setting, milk production means constant gestation, which means constant insemination, which means shoving sperm down a bunch of animals against their will, on a systematic basis, using natural or artificial means. During the pregnancy, mechanical suckers are attached to the animals’ sensitive udders, sucking them dry, which leaves them swollen and hurting. The drill is repeated daily, maximizing the harvest, until the animals give birth, an occasion celebrated with a new batch of semen shoved down their vaginas, and new suckers clipped on their udders, while the newborns are reared to become milk sources themselves.

I believe the proper term for this practice is rape and torture.

The euphemism is gelato, smoothies, probiotic yoghurt and pastries.

Yep, spoiled the party alright! Cheeky monkey just raided today’s innocence, taking o with life’s milky delights, leaving behind two cans of raw reality, a box of inconvenience and a bottle of Spanner-Worx Logic. Try them, you’ll love them. They’re a superfood for the mind, o the chart, providing great insight on — HERE’S THE BIG OOPSIE! — the shaky foundations on which today’s life settings are based.

What we consider civil(ized)… is by and large founded on acts of perverse violence

Let’s put it this way: what we do, how we live, what we consider civil(ized) and how we approach everyday reality, is by and large founded on acts of perverse violence, which we have either disguised or rationalized, pretending they’re not what they are.

What are they? Excerpts from a planet-wide horror show.

Step right up, son, join the party. You, too, ma’am, don’t be shy, grab that appendage, stick it right inside our fertile bovines and squirt some potent juice inside them, so they can produce that milk we love, so they can keep making those tender calves my kids go nuts over. Start violating those cows till they blow up with milk, don’t be afraid, it’s what we do here. Also feel free to pull on their tits at will, suck that juice right out of them. Don’t you worry your sensitive little minds if they’re screaming with pain, that’s what our TV screens are for, bursting with bright colors and talent shows and entertainment delivered loud enough to bury any scream known to Simian. If you need a break, remember to visit our bars and restaurants, our great markets and stores. Order anything you want and it will be delivered to you, care of our round-the-clock operation. Yep, we got one hell of a show going on. A global best-seller! Go on, enjoy yourselves. And don’t forget to tip your handler on your way out.

Like I said, oopsie!

Or, like a wise man said,

I love the sound of melting minds in the afternoon.

From the RANT headquarters,

Have a nice day!

PS – There will be a third article on the subject. Just to push the envelope a little further. Or, to quote that same wise man again,

Those who violate life are in due course and without fail violated by the accounts of their heinous deeds being presented back to them.