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Few And Far Between: Flash Insight Syndrome


[Previously on Few And Far Between: It’s not a matter of not finding a way through life’s obstacles. Sometimes we see the way all too clearly but forget to pin it on the map.]

Unless . . .

FIS — Flash Insight Syndrome. A condition that leads to many possible outcomes through a number of unexpected, jarring, overpowering insights. Those who act on them are propelled forward. Those who forget all about them stay put in relative bliss. Those who are aware of them from a distance are gradually digging themselves into an ever-deeper den of depression. Those who take mood-enhancing medication don’t care. Those who heed advice are prudent. Those who heed good advice are fortunate. Those who welcome feedback are able to bear with the excruciating process of tearing through their husks. Those who are overly dependent on others become burdensome. Those who never ask questions fail to provide answers. Those who are addicted never think straight. Those who scream at night are docile during the day. Those who scream in broad daylight are magnets for unspoken contempt. Those who eat the dead depend on the living to do their killing for them. Those who feast on life enjoy their share of moments in the sun. Those who destroy dreamers end up as compost for those who harvest them. Those who regenerate dreams are in command of time. Those who roll their eyes had better watch their backs. Those who sigh deeply suffocate in regret.

Lend an ear to the silence and you may hear the elements whispering in the shadows.

This is an honest reflection. It has been processed briefly and put on the record for posterity, so that we may remember why we turn away from most such revelations in favor of thoughts, ideas and behaviors that are considerably smoother, lighter, and easier to apply.

You had this insight once, too. Didn’t you?

Thing is, it’s never too late to reboot. There’s always time to seize the day, for whatever it’s worth. Just make sure you act on things you consider important, not on things you’ve gotten used to. Unless you want to spend the later years of your life sighing deeply, with regret.