When entering the Gorge, leave behind all preconceptions. Let yourself be carried off on a stream of consciousness that tickles the heavens as readily as it grinds down stone.

Faith Right As Rain

Bring me ruin, pain,

stretch me to the end of my tether, to the boundary of strain,

infiltrate my dreams at night,

kill the ones who gave me life — you did! —

and still I spit back in your face and laugh out loud,

I laugh at your attempts to crush me and all life around me,

detritus royalty supreme — you are! —

and now and always spit in your face and frame you in

oblivion’s halo I shall, singing rhymes that have no name,

ancient tunes that shatter and maim your

haunting, squelching, infernal

domain, your accursed chorus and refrain,

sweeping you away, away,

flushing you out fast, like dirt on the street,

carrying you down like filth in the rain.

Like filth in a summer day’s rain.