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Extraordinary Development Leads To Extraordinary Change – A Meditation

While everyone speaks about the merits of humanity, I wish to draw attention to its limits, and to the grand horizon that awaits beyond it; beyond the confines of what has defined us as a species over the past 100,000, 10,000, 2,000, 100, or 20 years. I want to point my finger to a greater world than the one we have become accustomed to, a realm of endless possibility: the world of the meta-human, a being that will succeed humanity and lay claim not just to Earth, but also to the outer space surrounding us as well as the inner space within us; a world free from superstition and religion, prejudice and primal instinct.

A system appreciative of intelligence at its most wholesome and interconnected, where life and death weave an elaborate dynamic, of which we are both process and product, participant and observer.

An informed, reformed, post-anthropocentric model, where consciousness is measured on the basis of interaction with one’s surroundings and not on a self-righteous agenda founded on tradition; or a social creed buttressed with liberalism; or a moral code spray-painted with supernatural religion. It is time to delete these aspects from our workings, just like we turn off the lights at night, so that we may observe the stars.

It is time to bring out the extra in extraordinary and march into the future.

Our existence, unbound by dogma, can hence be guided by faith in something more divine than any god or deity, such as the ability to think and to speak, to imagine, to explore and discover, to conjure up wonders from nothing and lay them out for all to see, revealing dimensions previously unknown to us; to know the world by knowing ourselves, and each other, exploring our relationship with everything around us, familiar and unfamiliar, similar and alien, significant and trivial.

We need to have faith in achieving the impossible and surpassing the insurmountable.

We need to be bold enough to be foolish and foolish enough to be bold.

We need to face our fears and risk getting hurt.

We need to go on a journey.

The world is too outstanding not to explore. We cannot afford to waste any more time wallowing in the comfort of our human naivety. Like animals on an isolated island, we have become too accustomed to the conditions of our immediate environment, losing sight of the evolutionary expanse laying around us. It is time we moved on, meeting reality head on, grappling with whatever it holds in store for us, so that we may grow up and become something more than a naive species, or an evolutionary dead end.

Let the next branch of consciousness stem from us. Let us not be the Neanderthals, who became fossils, or the dogs and cats, who became our pets, or the cows and sheep, who became our lunch, or the chimps and gorillas, who became our laboratory subjects and sad shadows.

Let us be mutants. Freaks. Fantastic creatures, about which our pop culture has been raving on in countless books, movies, TV shows, and comics, who will rise up and claim the world for themselves, showing humanity the way ahead.

Creatures driven and possessed by something other than the consensually established.

It is time for a new set of heroes, or antiheroes, and a new set of rules.

It is time for extraordinary change.