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EON News: From Book 2 To Book 3

‘Transformation is a painful and beautiful thing.’

After forty-five chapters and two specials The Angry Coming Of Age: Book 2 has come to an end.

Like Book 1 before it, Book 2 is a vexing and unsettling manuscript. Its misanthropy is strong, driven, focused on the species at large. The function, or lack thereof, of civilization highlighted and traced out. Society, culture, even politics, all of them under scrutiny, exposed for the wasteful and self-defeating processes that they are.

As things stand, EON is amused by human affairs, at best. There is nothing truly serious about humanity except the threat it poses on life around it.

The message is hurtful but truthful. Mixed with sarcasm and irony, it makes for guilty reading.

The silver linings remain, of course. EON’s material is feedback, and anyone who reads it as such may extract valuable information from it pertinent to humanity’s atavisms. A primer and record of humanity’s shortfalls, which one needs to be aware of before setting things right, if one were inclined to do so.

In other words, The Angry Coming Of Age is more than just a polemic. It’s a primer and caveat.

So. Book 2 is over, making way for Book 3. Coming soon!

Intrigued? Click below, and watch this space for more.

Trivia: Book 3 was written and first published online in 2015.