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Elephants Reveal How God Is A Theory Of Mind

theory of mind

To know the divine one must not look only to the sky. One must look around, at animals and other people. Under the right light they can reveal what the divine is really about and how broad and awesome its nature is.

Through the Wormhole – Is God an Alien Concept is a clip more spiritual than all the Hail Marys and Allahu Akbars and Oms put together, and more meaningful than any religious sermon or service.

In five short minutes, this video clip manages to reveal the mechanism behind the existence of God as a ‘theory of mind,’ an extrapolated awareness in the midst of a dynamic universe, tying a number of intelligences together, intelligences which we systematically neglect, yet which have time and time again proven themselves to be a crucial part of the formula, constituting that which one could deem sacred and larger than life: the all-encompassing web of self-awareness and self-determination, a state of being that functions within the parameters of a grand dynamic.

If you can’t see the video due to copyright reasons, here’s a short excerpt . . .

And here is the full video . . .

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PS – For a Spin Doctor addendum to the above video, read below . . .


God suddenly grew up, didn’t he? From a frisky old man living in the sky, getting excited or upset with humans, depending on the circumstances, ‘he’ just graduated to a wondrous state of being that is more befitting of ‘his’ godly standing — a divine nature that encompasses all life on earth, all of it, and possibly beyond it, in ways that far outreach our mental capacity, bringing together all forms of intelligence, both human and non-human, in a dynamic arrangement of mind-blowing proportions.

In other words, God, if one were to identify and name one, is nothing other than a truly Divine element at work across space and time, manifesting primarily through intelligent life, but also through inorganic life, through the mysteries of the various elements. It’s the dynamic that leads to an ongoing development that outreaches and outspans any given intelligence at any given time; a construct of epic proportions that transcends time and space in an ever-present, perpetual manner.

Religions, denominations, sects, and their given texts and traditions . . . are nothing but cultural pulp fiction . . . elaborate stage productions that have nothing to do with the spiritual inclinations of the sages that bore them

The rest — religions, denominations, sects, and their given texts and traditions — are nothing but cultural pulp fiction, sagas excellent for putting kids to sleep and bringing people together in large congregations, coloring up the world in ways that engage human emotional intelligence in very specific ways. Like dungeons and dragons, only older and more interactive.

Call them history’s longest-running blockbusters. They invoke God but have nothing to do with the divine. They’re elaborate stage productions that have nothing to do with the spiritual inclinations of the sages that bore them. The mere fact that they separate themselves from one another, each one deeming itself special and in command of the one truth to rule them all, annuls any claim they make to divinity. ‘Let’s color up the world . . . I choose this color . . . I worship and revere this color and the esthetic it provides . . . my color is better than yours . . . I will paint my color over your color and give the world a makeover . . .’

It’s all rather adolescent, pedantic and parochial. Like fashion wars, with — I can’t find a word to add. They’re exactly like fashion wars, period.

Except the death part. People can kill in the name of their religion. Fashionistas and models spontaneously combust.

God would be laughing, if he were a person partial to humor.

Thank God God is something more than that. God isn’t human. God is divine i.e. completely and utterly beyond this sphere of operations and how we perceive things. God is God, and all attempts to humanize and equate divine power with humanity are misguided, at best.

Thank people’s curiosity and good sense, which leads to the creation of videos and experiments like the ones above, shedding light on the world’s mysteries in meaningful, useful, and substantial  ways.

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Eyes open, mind sharp.