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Egypt: Boy Slams The Morsi Government

Ali Ahmed on the fallen Morsi government

Rigid ideology has no place in open society. Church (or, in Egypt’s case, Islam) must be kept separate from the state…

Egypt has been thrown into revolutionary turmoil again. Its democratically-elected administration has failed to live up to the task of making life better for its people and was overthrown a few days ago with the aid of the military. Fresh elections have been called. Everything is up for grabs once again.

What went wrong? The whole setup was ill-advised from the start. The democratic process was exploited by a party whose main allegiance was not to the republic but to (a) God. A sure recipe for disaster.

A precocious twelve-year old boy named Ali Ahmed sums it up cogently. In the video below, he calls out the Muslim Brotherhood and its Freedom and Justice Party for their hypocrisy and double standards concerning all matters of society, including women’s rights.

For example, they say that women are equal to men in all matters… except in matters that contradict Islamic law. ~ Ali Ahmed, 12-year old first-grader.

The aphorism is reminiscent of the famous quote in George Orwell’s Animal Farm, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

So much for Morsi’s freedom and justice.