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Eating Meat Without Killing

Meat without slaughter? Sounds good. What? The religions of the world protest? Funny way for the creeds of love and peace and respect for all God’s creatures to react.

Science talks, everyone eats. Religions protest, as usual, but who cares? They call it Franken-meat . . . we call it inevitable! Everyone eats and lets live, and dear old psychopath God watches from the corner alongside most deities, dejected, frustrated at being irrelevant in terms of the future, and so are their psychotic minions, always frustrated, always angry at having to play last fiddle to MOs adept to solving problems instead of creating them.

Thus goes the tale of slaughter-free meat, tracing out tomorrow’s nourishment.

Thank Science for science!


From your amiably caustic Spin Doctor,

Eyes open, mind sharp!


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