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E-Cigarette Smog And Smoking Indoors

Good morning! This is your Random Truth (RANT) bulletin with your random fact.

There are plenty of venues that turn a blind eye to e-smoking, claiming it’s not cigarette smoke, calling it safe, fine etc.

One look at e-cigarette smog and you wonder what the hell is wrong with those who don’t see a problem with it, especially indoors. Is it cloud, vapor, or nuclear explosion discharge? (but it smells nice, all window-cleaner meets fruity bubblegum, a fragrance that makes you go mmmmm . . . good idea!)

The irony! We claim that the world has progressed in terms of hygiene and mutual respect but we still have a long ways to go, at least in terms of smoking. The habit remains as filthy as ever, its practitioners resorting to semantics and tricks to find loopholes and keep doing it.

Note, we’re not talking about smoking per se, smokers can keep the habit. Their bodies, their life, their life insurance. None of our business.

We’re talking smoking indoors, in enclosed spaces. That filthy habit.

Only when smoking is classified and called out for what it really is, farting and shitting through one’s mouth — sorry smokers, that’s what smoking is; the smelly discharge of waste material through one’s mouth and nostrils — only then will we finally label the habit unacceptable, at least indoors, and ban it, period.

See, you shit where we breathe, we shit inside your brains, spoiling your habit. You spray us with smog, we spray you with vitriol. Quid pro quo till the cows shit some more.


What about outdoors, you ask? Simple! Outdoors, as well as inside their homes, smokers can go all chernobyl on themselves. Like we said, their lungs, their mouths, their problem, their privilege, and certainly none of anyone’s business.

Come to think of it, the outdoors can be a problem, too, at least in tight areas. Sitting at a restaurant table on the pier next to a bunch of e-smokers, getting swallowed in their smog every thirty seconds, is not ok.

Those who find this rant abjectly exaggerated are welcome not to complain when we park our cars right next to their tables and leave the engines running.

Glad we sorted that out.

From RANT headquarters,

Have a nice day!