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‘Don’t Be The Asshole, America’

Word! Everything Jefferies says is true except the part where he claims that the only thing that beats hate is love. Bullshit! That may be true in personal affairs, but in politics and foreign affairs, which is what Jefferies is talking about, the only thing that beats hate is being smart. Tough too, but smart, and definitely not an asshole. Because being an asshole and being tough are not the same. Smart can be tough, if need be, but an asshole is simply full of shit, which is what Trump is, full of shit, and America will be, too, full of (his) shit, if the majority of electoral delegates back him.

The problem is that there’s no one to turn to, no real alternative. Hillary’s no solution, on the contrary, she’s quite the asshole, too, crooked as a dislocated thumb and full of charisma, if by charisma you mean Joker-like weirdness. She’s smart alright (just like Trump is smart, in a play-the-game kind of way, survivor-like) but in terms of vision and direction and leading the country — let alone the world — out of this mess, she’s as dumb as they come. They both are.

Which means that America is strapped for choice. Positioned between Trump and Hillary, well, let’s just say the sun ain’t shining too brightly on the US.

Americans better start praying that at least one of these two assholes farts roses once in a while.

Yeah, no need to call a psychic to find out how this party’s going to end. Many talk about a blowout, but a more appropriate term would be a swampfest.

(I was going to say shitstorm, but swampfest is more appropriate.)

From your Jefferies-applauding Spin Doctor,

Eyes open, mind sharp.

Watch this space for Part 2