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‘Don’t Be The Asshole, America’ – Part 2

TC_America Asshole2

The US is caught between a rock and a hard place, or, to be more accurate, between an asshole and another asshole. Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton. Not much can go right either way. Not much will be left to work with when they’re done. Come November one of the two will clinch the presidency and a great wall of shit will come raining down on America.

To avoid this thoroughly unpleasant fate America could go back to its founding principles. It could get smart, mobilize itself through statesmen and stateswomen with a vision to capture the center — not too progressive and preachy, not too right-leaning berserk apeshit fucking insane, but somewhere in between where common sense prevails. Employ ideas from both sides, as and when necessary. Be pragmatic, I mean truly pragmatic, not neo-liberally minded or trickle-down-wishing absurd, where the ideology of plutocracy poses as a down-to-earth approach, but truly practical and functional, rational and inspirational. Draft a fresh dream that captures the minds and hearts of Americans — and not only — and let the middle class grow again, giving everyone a reason to believe in the system, and maybe even support it, sustain it — if need be fight for it, suffer for it, bleed and sweat and cry for it, and win, win the battles. Enter the fray commanding the moral advantage, the respect of others — in other words, you guessed it, be smart and time things right. Frame them properly. Enter the field at the right time and dictate the terms of the battle, enjoy the support of allies and partners, maybe even heretofore undecided parties — or even former adversaries — because, you guessed it, the smart guys attract the support of others, at least in terms of socioeconomic conflict. Unlike assholes, smart guys have something to offer, enticing and lasting. They’re the inspired parties, the ones whose vision creates affluence, not hate, and who in their right minds could say no to that?

The final word in any political, economic and sociocultural crisis: affluence! To create affluence you need to make your base strong, your environment sturdy, hopeful, and able to come together to make something out of nothing, letting the endeavor rise on a sea of shoulders, on a tide of prospects, and the world is yours, and so’s the future.

Or you can be a loud-talking asshole full of shit.

Your choice.

From your Jefferies-applauding common-sense-minded Paine-driven Spin Doctor,

Eyes open, mind sharp.

PS – Perhaps it would be fun to just go for it. Elect Trump and see how crazy shit can get..