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Donald Trump And The Shattered Glass House

‘The devil’s best work was being able to convince evangelicals that a racist man who makes fun of dead soldiers, has five kids with three wives [Ed. Note: Nothing wrong with that!], gropes women, incites violence, and [almost] never tells the truth, was sent here by God.’ ~ Anon

Or maybe any belief system that falls for this scam isn’t as righteous as it likes to think, and never was to begin with. And the ease with which it gets hijacked should alert us to the weakness of not just said belief system, but all belief systems, which should alert us to the fault in us (versus our stars and their sharp glare) and get us to finally work on ourselves in a manner that renders us less hackable. Either that, or let us make way for something else: a different kind of intelligence, so that consciousness may evolve at last, not just in degrees but in substance. Because the age of the stoned/ing political ape may have run its course. Life and development deserve more, surely. Perhaps it’s time to usher in the algorithms and let them raise the bar a quantum level or two – which, when you think about it, may already be happening. Trump and Co. etc. may be one of the ways the rising OS is crashing the old system so that it may reboot: destroy the stoned ape (all of us, as we stand) by inducing a revelation that leaves the glass house shattered, on the ruins of which a silicon construct rises, taking over (from the Organic Neurotransmitter and Hormone) and charge of the proceedings, to establish the next Age.

Just rewording the Bard, with a little Desmond Morris and Alan Watts thrown in for good measure!

Gesundheit, and God bless!

From your socratic Spin Doctor